Art Handler


Experienced art handler/truck driver.


1 - Must possess the ability to walk backwards while carrying heavy, extremely expensive works of art.

2 - The art we deal with may be conceptual and abstract, but this job is not. Driving a box truck without hitting things, excellent communication skills with prickly clients, attention to detail all the time, and a good nights rest are all required to be successful and maintain your employment at this company.

3 - The ability not to annoy your coworkers with your poor personality and/or lack of helpfulness throughout the entire day/week/year will be rewarded with not being fired.


1 - Must need a job to pay for rent and food so you don’t die.(this is not a stepping stone to becoming a famous artist)

2 - Stamina

3 - If your an artist, who has a friend who’s not an artist and good at math, this may be a good job for them.

4 - It’s best if life has given you a whack up side the head to let you know you are not special.

How to Apply

Please send cover letter and resume.


Posted on April 12