Administrator and Assistant Gallery Manager

Revolver Gallery

Successful art gallery seeks administrator & assistant gallery manager. Revolver Gallery deals exclusively with Andy Warhol artworks and comprises the largest gallery-owned collection of Andy Warhols in the world. The gallery is based in the vibrant Sunset Plaza located in West Hollywood and maintains international relationships with other art galleries, dealers, auction houses, etc.

The job will involve various administrative duties, working with artwork, handling some sales and acquisitions, managing logistics, and working closely with the gallery owner as well as the digital media manager. More job details are outlined in the responsibilities and requirements section.


Emails and Website Communication

  • There are a high volume of emails we receive that must be replied to clearly, quickly, and articulately.

  • Responding to LiveChat and text-for-price communications.

Administrative Duties

  • This role involves handling contracts, filing, and archiving of sales and acquisition. Also, creating templates and managing spreadsheets.


  • Part of the process of buying and selling is sending and receiving artwork. This includes getting quotes from our shipping vendors, ordering custom crates, and monitoring the shipment daily until received by client or gallery.

Marketing Websites & Newsletter

  • Frequently uploading and detailing listings on gallery website, and other gallery marketing platforms.

  • There is a monthly newsletter that will need to be put together with new acquisitions and other provided content.

Gallery Management

  • Opening and closing the gallery during business hours.

  • Keeping the gallery clean and organized.

  • Greeting and communicating with customers and vendors who visit by appointment.

  • Supplies will need to be monitored and restocked.

Art Handling

  • Candidate must be open to being trained by a professional on how to handle artwork when needed.


  • Candidate must be willing to travel locally and out of town to inspect and acquire artworks.

  • Local travel will be to our framer, conservator, vendors, and similar errands.

Personal Assistance

  • There is little personal assistant work but when necessary candidate will need to be dependable in this regard.
  • Art gallery & office management experience.

  • College degree

  • A strong pro-active nature, and ability to approach problem solve.

  • Strong organizational skills, and ability to prioritize and delegate tasks seamlessly and efficiently is a requirement.

  • Must live within 10 miles of the gallery.

  • Mac & Office proficient

  • Photoshop is a big plus. (not a requirement)

  • Must have a car. Ideally an SUV.

How to Apply

Please visit the application link to apply on Indeed where you will submit a resume. Cover letters are not required but highly encouraged. Thank you for your interest in the position.

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Posted on November 7