Art handler/Archivist

Shantell Martin, Inc.

Since this is a satellite location we are looking for someone that is comfortable with taking on some general studio assisting duties as well as archiving and packing artworks. Main job role will be. Maintaining, cataloging, shipping, receiving, and overseeing the collection and new works in Culver City, LA.


*Must be based in or near Culver City.


Experience using Artlogic (or quick to learn new systems/software).

Art Handling/Packing Experience.

Keeping records up to date.

Great with spreadsheets and numbers.

Able to carefully handle and examine objects for cataloging, condition reports, touching up surfaces of work with paint or gesso when needed.

Very high level of follow-through. Beginning and completing projects.

Enjoys Systems and is methodical about analyzing processes and systems to fully understand their functions.

(Experienced and efficient on computer and inventory database systems such as Artlogic).

Effective communication, including speaking, writing, and active listening.

Highly Organized, good time management, prioritization, and multitasking abilities and comfortable working alone - SELF SUFFICIENT


At least two years active experience.

How to Apply

Email your resume and cover letter.

Posted on February 28