Arts Educator II

The Andy Warhol Museum

Andy Warhol Museum (AWM) Arts Educators work collaboratively to develop engaging, accessible gallery, online, outreach, and studio-based learning experiences and interpretive programs for diverse audiences on topics related to Warhol’s life, art, and legacy, as well as contemporary art. AWM Arts Educator II co-lead and design instruction for educational programs throughout the museum, online, and offsite, such as drop-in studio programs, gallery talks, school tours and workshops, teen, adult and family programs and community workshops, tours, and art classes. This position emphasizes relationship-building and requires prompt, friendly, accurate communication with program participants and coworkers. AWM Arts Educator II are responsible for co-leading instruction for groups of 10-30 individuals, planning educational experiences based on program goals, lesson plans and other resources provided by AWM LPE staff, and working collaboratively with a team of museum staff to deliver creative, multi-form, inclusive, effective, engaging, and safe learning experiences.

AWM Arts Educator II work collaboratively and will give and receive constructive criticism with the goal of developing their pedagogy skills and creative practice, and the quality of museum educational experiences. This will be facilitated by participation in professional development workshops structured by AWM Education and Public Programs.

AWM Arts Educator II are scheduled by program, availability, skill sets and teaching focus. Weekend and/or evening work may be required.


Leading Instruction

Working collaboratively with a team of educators and classroom assistants to deliver effective and engaging learning experiences.

Communicating with group leaders and community partners to design appropriate learning experiences

Designing and defining clear learning goals and creating opportunities for learners to receive feedback on progress towards goals

Adapting instruction based on the needs of diverse groups of learners

Apply knowledge of best-practices in learner-centered instruction and inquiry

Planning Educational Experiences

Creating activities, guides, and lesson plans for personal use and to facilitate communication with support staff, supervisor, and members of the public.

Identifying learning goals and programming priorities to facilitate AWM’s responsiveness to student and community needs

Coordinating with co-staff to ensure that classroom and materials are prepared and returned before/after each class.

Coordinating with co-staff to ensure that participants are greeted upon arrival and know what to do to get program started.

For off-site outreach, planning and preparation may include transportation of materials to the off-site location.

Developing pedagogy skills through ongoing practice, reflection, and professional development structured by AWM

Attending AWM Educator professional development meetings.

Observing, analyzing and co-teaching with experienced AW< educators

Modeling best-practices in teaching for new educators.

Being observed by experienced AWM educators.

In addition, the following responsibilities may be assigned to museum educators on a case-by-case basis:

Developing and writing lesson plans that will be shared with other museum educators

Creating educational materials (such as manipulatives, diagrams, posters, etc.)

Producing videos, articles, and media content for online programs and platforms.

Writing descriptions for program brochures and online marketing

Preparing materials for use in the classroom and cleaning up



Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in education, community engagement, art history, art, design, or related is preferred.

3 or more years of experience teaching at AWM, in other informal settings, or external classroom teaching is required.

Hands on experience (including advanced, project-based, undergraduate or community coursework) in the art history, studio art, media production, creative learning, or education is encouraged. Successful candidates will be asked to demonstrate their understanding of and participation in disciplinary inquiry.


AWM Arts Educator II are patient, caring individuals who have the knowledge and skills to foster welcoming, safe, creative learning experiences that facilitate exploration of art, media, design, popular culture and Andy Warhol’s life, art, and legacy. They explore these subjects and their relationship to ideas, everyday experiences, contemporary questions and self-expression with diverse audiences and community members. AWM Arts Educator II must be comfortable with multiple learning styles and teaching methods, adapting their approaches in a dynamic setting to meet the needs of visitors and program participants. Experience facilitating informal learning (experiential, community-based, outdoors, in museums, after-school programs, or similar settings) is preferred.

This position requires energetic and charismatic individuals who are interested in learning and teaching about the relationship between art and contemporary life.

Candidates must have successfully performed at the capacity of AWM Museum Educator II or must have at least 3 years of prior teaching experience.

Successful candidates will have consistently demonstrated their ability to apply their knowledge of artistic practices, Andy Warhol, and the museum’s exhibits and collections to guide student-directed inquiry and studio-based work, plan differentiated instruction, use authentic assessment and conduct learner-centered activities at the museum, in the community, and online. AWM Arts Educators must be comfortable adapting their approaches in a dynamic setting to meet the needs of diverse visitors and program participants.


This position often requires constant mobility around the classroom and through museum exhibit halls for several hours at a time.

If the person is not able to bend or lift items of 20 – 50 lbs., they must be willing to ask for assistance performing tasks that require these actions.

How to Apply

Please submit all application materials through Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh’s Careers Site :

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