Bookbinding Assistant

Gibbs Bookbinding

Studio assistant in fine hand bookbinding workshop, for edition binding.

  • 2 days per week [weekdays], 4 week term with possibility of extension

  • 9.30 am to 5 pm, 30 min paid lunch

  • $20 per hour + $10 per day parking

note that payment (weekly check) is as an independent contractor, and doesn’t include withholding



  • folding pages

  • cutting paper on the board shear

  • cutting board on the board shear

  • sewing books

  • prep for covers

  • prep for boxes


  • attention to detail

  • willingness for corrections to technique and method

  • patience to work accurately and to strict technical requirements

  • focus on repetitive tasks over a long period of time


Please note that:

  • edition work can be repetitive, but attention cannot diminish

  • the work is conducted standing up

  • bookbinding is quite physical, requiring both hand skills and strength

  • audiobooks, podcasts, and music can be listened to, but no earbuds

  • this is production bookbinding work, and not an internship or apprenticeship

Instruction and feedback will be provided as is relevant, but this is not an educational environment.

How to Apply


This is more about hand skills than it is about books.

Note that your answers to the below may not be book-specific; that’s fine. Quilting? Weird wire sculptures? Origami?

  • cv, with special note of any training in arts, crafts, and materials

  • a paragraph describing what, relating to books and paper, you have learned to do (that you feel confident in); what you are still mastering; and things that you’ve only done a few times, or not at all

  • attached images of some type of craft that you have completed that you feel was a project you are proud of, and a paragraph explaining the concept, execution, and outcome of the project

  • at the interview, I will want to see some type of physical example of your work, regardless of medium

  • 1–2 references who have knowledge of your attention to detail and working methods

EMAIL only, no phone calls or site visits.

COVID-19 vaccination required; in-studio work.

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Posted on April 30