Finishing Painting Technician / Glaze Room Associate

Bari Ziperstein Studio / BZIPPY

Bari Ziperstein Studio is looking for a full-time Finishing Painting Technician / Glaze Room Associate seeking full-time hours, with the skills and abilities to work in a small but growing studio environment. The Finishing Painting Technician / Glaze Room Associate must have a high level of working knowledge of the best practices for finishing painting in order to handle the quality control of high-quality, handmade, large ceramics and have an interest in ceramic firing and glazes in order to assist the Kiln & Glaze Lead with day-to-day operations.

The studio is recruiting an individual with prior art and studio experience to execute quality control tasks including epoxying, faux painting, and finish matching ceramic objects as well as assisting in the Kilns & Glazes department with daily maintenance and operations. No prior clay knowledge is required for this role, but an interest in glazes and firing is preferred. The company is a small but growing studio environment working with the Creative Director to transform artistic ideas into sold collectible design and fine art objects.



  • Performs product inspections and assesses quality control needs for every piece per company standards

  • Performs finishing painting as needed including:

  • Uses epoxy

  • Faux painting

  • Acrylic and enamel paint

  • Color and finish matching

  • Research of finishing materials and outfitting quality control department as needed

  • Cross-departmental communication

  • Daily maintenance of work-station and department including safe handling and disposal of materials


  • Assist with loading and unloading of ceramic objects under the direction of the department lead

  • Heavy items

  • Delicate greenware

  • Basic kiln maintenance

  • Vacuuming kiln interior

  • Cleaning

  • Maintaining sample tile inventory

  • Performing inventory count

  • Stamping/labeling sample tiles

  • Dipping / bruising sample tiles with glaze

  • Loading and unloading in and out of the kiln


  • Assisting department lead with:

  • Mixing commercial glazes -

  • Dry/wet measurements

  • Assessing glazes with a hydrometer

  • Glaze application - brushing and dipping

  • Tracking incoming production of orders and available inventory

  • Organization of materials and space

  • Cleaning

  • Glaze inventory

  • Prior experience working with paint including color matching, finish matching, and faux painting

  • Extensive knowledge of finishing techniques and materials including different types of epoxy, enamel paints, acrylic paints, and sealants

  • Knowledge of mixing recipes that call for dry and wet ingredients

  • Knowledge of best practices for handling fragile objects

  • Interest in glazing and kilns

  • Affinity and appreciation for designed objects and ceramics - prior experience not required

  • Prior experience working in an art studio facility

  • Ability to receive, understand, and apply information in a timely manner within the company training period.

  • Ability to sit and stand for long periods of time, utilize hands and arms in a variety of positions with a wide range of grip strength and manual dexterity, and lift and carry up to 30 pounds

  • Ability to uphold good interactions with colleagues by maintaining clear personal boundaries and professionalism.

  • Have respect, admiration, and pride for the work done in the studio.

  • Ability to communicate with others and face potential conflict with empathy and understanding.

  • Ability to embody mistakes without blaming others.

  • Ability to embrace and provide feedback

Physical Demands:

  • Must be able to push, pull, bend, stoop, squat, turn from front to back, turn from side to side, reach above shoulder level, and lift and carry up to 50 pounds

  • Must be able to perform the above physical activities in excess of 50 pounds with the assistance of another person

  • Must be able to perform a wide range of physical tasks on a frequent and repetitive basis for extended periods of time while working in a studio environment with cement floors, air conditioning, and heat with a dedicated workspace, computer, and inventory area

  • Must be able to drive his/her own vehicle which is in good working condition, have a good driving record, and own the minimum requirements for vehicle insurance in California

How to Apply

To be considered: Please submit a resume, cover letter, and portfolio of past painting work (as well as ceramic work if applicable).

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Posted on October 11