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Readying the Museum

Readying the Museum (RTM) is a cohort of artists, curators, and museum directors formed in March 2021 to assess major museological harms and offer frameworks for accountability to museums, their staff, board, and the communities they serve. RTM is funded by the Ford Foundation and Mellon Foundation and administered by Arizona State University.

Readying The Museum’s aim is to prepare museums, artists, arts workers, and constituents to do direct and interpersonal work to internally address and upend the multitude of systemic issues that prevent museums from delivering accountable, equitable, safe, and community-driven environments. In doing so, the cohort works to undo foundations of whiteness, patriarchy, anti-Blackness, and anti-Indigeneity among many other factors that shape museums today. RTM is a solutions-oriented framework to create a healthier ecology where harms are not only being addressed but undone over time.

Social media overview:

RTM currently has no social media presence. However, we imagine social media being an essential mode of communication in the next several months, with our website launching publicly coupled with a PR campaign (May-October 2024). Social media will support the drop of this first phase of material with the aim of driving people to the RTM website and building followers on social media. RTM wants to have a wide embrace and follow many accounts including artists, arts workers, unions, board members, museums, and galleries - this should be a welcoming space, with the focus on arts workers and the broader public.

We prefer to work with a team/someone who has a sense of design, architecture and art history/contemporary artworld or experience working with artists. RTM encourages BIPOC and LQBTQIA+ applicants.

RTM would like to work with a social media expert that will work alongside two of the artists in the cohort to advise & direct us on the following:

    • Building follower base and community
    • Managing inbound/outbound messages
    • Relevant analytics & assessment of algorithms
    • SWOT analysis by channel, with an expertise with video and visuals

RTM plans to use social media as a key method of communication with the broader community beyond the website in development. The social media team will work hand-in-hand with RTM artistic directors to determine and advise on the phase 1 campaign approach, implement the campaign, and lend expertise around focus/content. RTM social media should be a space for people to learn information and be a part of the RTM community.

    • Project Type: ongoing social media management, with an emphasis on building a community.
    • Content Creation: Creative support is needed, with a large number of visuals/branded material already created. Video content/reel ideas will be essential!
    • Goals: Phase 1 goals: driving traffic to the RTM website, sharing the work that’s been done so far (rolling out a variety of materials/images) and building a follower base. In Phase 2, this might shift based on how the public launch was received.

RTM will review previous marketing efforts for best fit/mission alignment. This might include:

    • Testimonials
    • Case studies
    • References
    • Previous work examples, especially audio/video editing
    • Team experience
How to Apply

Please submit interest statement, budget, and proof of work to Erin at by May 17, 2024.

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