Academic Advisor

Moore College of Art and Design

Under the direction of the office of Academic Affairs and in Academic Support Services, provide general academic advising to all BFA and Post Baccalaureate students at Moore College of Art & Design. Provide academic advising to continuing students not making satisfactory progress. Provide assistance to students in setting academic goals and strategies, transferring in academic credits, and advising International students. Provide feedback to the administration on academic needs of students. Maintain full-time (9:00 – 5:00 or equivalent) office hours Monday through Friday.

  • Assist the Registrar in maintaining academic plans for BFA majors and minors, Post Baccs, and graduate programs.

  • Maintain curriculum guides for all BFA majors/minors, Post Baccs, and graduate programs, and inform Admission and Communication Offices of curriculum changes including updates and/or reviews of text for the website and printed materials.

  • Advise BFA and Post Baccalaureate students in regard to their academic and program standing including: course selection, majors/minors, GPA requirements, graduate requirements, academic plans, transfer credit concerns, policies and procedures, drop/add, leave of absence, withdrawals, study abroad, external study and dismissals.

  • Serve as the staff liaison to Arcadia for the International Studies courses including but not limited to coordinating Arcadia on-campus promotional visits; provide Chairs and/or faculty with promotional and ongoing materials; track & report on student registration activity; complete the advisory approval forms and coordinate sending of official transcripts to Arcadia ; support students in completing the registration process including facilitating the completion of other forms such as the faculty approval forms and financial aid/scholarship forms; provide information and/or international travel materials for Moore’s website and maintain appropriate communications with students (and/or families) who have registered up until the time of departure.

  • Serve as an international travel liaison to Moore faculty and students on Moore sponsored travel classes including working with the faculty and Associate Dean to prepare; copy of the passport and any other required materials from students and faculty; provide information and/or international travel materials for Moore’s website and maintain appropriate communications with students (and/or families) who have registered up until the time of departure.

  • Promote and help advise students regarding general study abroad programs.

  • Conduct student workshops including topics such as graduate school planning and an overview of course registration policies and procedures during Summer Pre-Orientation.

  • Serve as the Principal Designated School Official (PDSO) for SEVIS for the College. Oversee Moore’s other DSO officials.

  • Maintain all forms and documentation related to F-1 Visa international students maintaining legal status including Curricular Practical Training (CPT), Optional Practical Training (OPT), and travel outside of the United States.

  • Update the International Student Handbook with the Dean of Students and Admissions.

  • Research and write proposals regarding academic polices such as transfer rules, incompletes, grade changes and other ongoing student handbook changes annually.

  • Advise, mediate, strategize with student requests for variances to academic policies and procedures and/or in working out impediments to performance through direct consultation or by directing student to the appropriate service area.

  • Conduct and oversee liberal arts credit and studio/liberal arts elective evaluations for all potential transfer students.

  • Schedule all incoming deposited transfer students as well as all returning students who took a leave of absence or were dismissed by the College.

  • Continue to monitor and maintain transfer credit coding system and inform Admissions to update all transfer evaluation templates to reflect curricular changes.

  • Consult and assist Admissions regarding new and existing articulation agreements with community colleges.

  • Instruct and provide support to faculty and students regarding the navigation of the college’s online student database system.

  • Consult with Department Chairs in regard to student performance and graduation and curricular requirements. Assist Chairs and Graduate Program Director in developing unique individual plans for students when necessary.

  • A Bachelor’s degree required in field of education or equivalent.

  • Minimum three years of academic advising experience or equivalent with direct responsibility for managerial report design/preparation/analysis for academic student related issues.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills including the ability to communicate effectively with diverse constituencies.

  • Strong interpersonal skills.

  • Computer skills, including Excel, Power Campus.

  • A team-based work ethic.

How to Apply

Interested candidates send your resume and cover letter with salary requirements to: Moore College of Art and Design; 1916 Race Street; Located on The Parkway; Attn: Director of Human Resources; Philadelphia, PA 19103 fax: 215.568.1773, email:

Posted on March 8