Advertising Sales Representative

Spike Art Magazine

Spike Art Magazine is on the lookout for a highly motivated and resourceful person to join our Sales team.

The position is flexitime and can be worked remotely if wished.

Payment is based on commission.

  • Facilitate relationships between Spike and major fashion brands

  • Engage existing contacts in the art and fashion world to broaden Spike’s international reach and client portfolio

  • Secure advertising sales in print and digital media

  • Bring in sponsorship deals and paid editorial with labels and brands


The ideal candidate would have an in-depth knowledge of the global fashion world, with direct connections to marketing contacts in the major fashion houses (not only via agencies) as well as to smaller and independent labels.

How to Apply

For further information or to send your CV & cover letter, please contact:

Andrew Cannon (Client Liaison) at

Posted on November 19