Art Department Studio Manager

Chapman University

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The Art Department Studio Manager provides managerial, administrative, and operational support to ensure the safe and efficient functioning of our studio space. As the trusted liaison between the faculty and chair, the Studio Manager will oversee daily studio operations, manage inventory, ensure safety compliance, and oversee studio maintenance in the 3D sculpture, design lab, and painting and drawing labs.

The Studio Manager works both independently and collaboratively with the art department faculty and students. The Studio Manager plays a crucial role in creating an open, accessible, and safe learning environment, coordinating studio equipment orientations and workshops, equipment checkouts for various courses, and ensuring consistent application of safety regulations and studio policies across the Art Department.


Management & Administration:

  • Develops and maintains systems and policies for safety, access, and management of the studios.

  • Manages content, scheduling, and delivery of safety orientations, ensuring that safety rules and studio policies are consistently communicated and applied in all Art Department studios/classrooms for students, faculty, and staff.

  • Provides scheduled training to students and faculty on the use of major tools, including power tools, saws, welding equipment, 3D printers, laser cutter, and hazardous materials.

  • Supports and ensures productive and appropriate professional collaboration between studio staff, student workers, and faculty

  • Works with the Wilkinson Director of Operations, Art Department Manager and Department Chair for planning and executing the studio budgets, including the evaluation and inventory of materials, supplies, and equipment.

  • Train and oversee studio student workers

  • Cross-train with Art Department Manager, including ordering supplies and purchase order creation.

  • Maintain an orderly and accurate studio records system.

  • Maintain and track inventory of equipment across various disciplines using asset tags for student use outside of class hours.

Academic Support:

  • Instructional resource; teaches staff, students, and faculty to use equipment and solve technical problems.

  • Develops and delivers workshops and demonstrations for specialty techniques and tool use

  • Holds faculty accountable for teaching safety standards and holds primary oversight for ensuring student understanding of dangerous shop equipment.

Studio Operations:

  • Identifies and executes facility improvements to ensure alignment with curricular needs.

  • Primary coordinator of Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal for the studios, supports and supervises waste pickups; ensures that all programs have correct and current SOPs; coordinates and assists in training students and faculty in material use procedures and interaction with Chapmans Health & Safety and Facilities teams.

  • Ensure compliance with workplace safety and environmental regulations for storage, labeling, handling, and disposal of materials/artworks. 

  • Ensure the personal protection equipment is in place and implemented in all relevant studio areas.

  • Address safety concerns in consultation with the Department Chair and Wilkinson, Director of Operations

  • Oversee classrooms and department space in accordance with all proper use and safety guidelines set by the university and department.

  • Performs routine studio space inspection and coordinates regulatory fire marshal compliance inspections with the Facilities Management Department.

  • Provide support for gallery maintenance and safety.

  • Oversee equipment repairs and maintenance.



Bachelor’s degree in the Arts or a minimum of 5 years of professional experience as an Art Studio or MakerSpace Manager or Wood Shop/Sculpture Studio, or similar position.

Minimum of 3 years of management and/or leadership experience in art, design, and/or higher education.

Demonstrated ability to instruct and support students in utilizing studio resources across the art department for various academic assignments and projects.

Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to effectively teach students and communicate with staff, faculty and other stakeholders.

Knowledge of materials, equipment, and techniques used in art fabrication, primarily sculpture and 3D focused- including proficient knowledge of hand and power tools, 3D printers, laser cutter and their maintenance.

Interest in staying updates on new technologies and best practices related to fabrication, instruction, and makerspaces.

Problem-solving skills, independent decision-making ability, and quick response capabilities.

Excellent time management skills with the ability to work well under pressure, meet deadlines, and maintain professionalism and flexibility in a fast-paced, multitasking environment.

Ability to coordinate with contractors and vendors regarding specialty equipment and studio technologies.

Knowledge of and commitment to environmental health and safety regulations and best practices.

Familiarity with software applications including G suite, Excel, Adobe Illustrator, CAD applications, and proficiency in MAC/Apple systems.


Active practitioner in the arts, design, or craft field.

Experience with local and regional regulations, laws, and practices related to the use and disposal of Hazardous Materials.

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