Roxy Paine Studio

Seeking Artist to assist in the painting, fabrication and assembly of works in both inside and outside locations. Artist assistants will be part of a studio team working not only with the artist directly, but also help develop and build an art and architecture foundation in Montana. Great opportunity for growth and sculpture-making under internationally renown Artist.


Assisting Artist in various sculpture making processes.

  • Wood shop equipment use and maintenance of tools.

  • Art studio fabrication, organization and maintenance of supplies.

  • Indoor and Outdoor fabrication and installation work.

  • Landscaping and studio grounds maintenance.

  • Willing to learn and fabricate with various materials such as epoxy, apoxy, resin, plaster, moldmaking and oil painting work.

  • Basic renovation work such as construction of stud walls, sheetrock, plaster and painting.


Experience in Shop and/or Art making practices.

  • Skilled in hand building and sculpture making processes.

  • 3+ experience in wood shop equipment and hand tools.

  • Able to lift and assemble large components of heavy sculpture.

  • Forklift operation or construction vehicle experience a plus.

  • MIG and TIG welding experiences a plus.

  • Ability to work well with others in a fast paced environment.

  • Must have endurance to work in both outdoor and indoor environments.

  • Curiosity for learning new art making principles.

  • Able to problem-solve and work in three dimensions.

  • Growth mindset.

How to Apply

Send resume, portfolio and 3 references via email.

For portfolio: send photos of work that highlight your particular skills. This can be of your own work or work you have done for others, 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional. For instance: painting or drawing, woodwork or metal work, ceramics or fabric, or building skills like carpentry, sheet rock, plumbing or electrical. In particular we are looking to see things that demonstrates attention to detail and work ethic.

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Posted on November 11