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Director, Senior, Mid-Weight, Junior

Who we’re looking for

With so many incredible projects and opportunities on the horizon, we have opportunities for Producers at all levels in our studio - from Junior to Lead.

A little about Phantom

We’re an independent digital creative agency headquartered here in London. We work hand with incredible clients including Google, Sony Music, The Financial Times, NBC Universal, Waze and Zendesk. We started with just 4 Phantoms in 2013 and have grown to over 80 in London (and 13 in Auckland, New Zealand!) since then.

We love being a young agency, excited everyday about what we do. Phantom is above all else a creative agency, but definitely not in the sense that we only care about making pretty things. Every single member of our team is an innovator, both creative and technical to the core. Together we truly have an incredible collection of skill and experience, collaborating with people and brands that have inspired us to do amazing work.

To us, it has always been obvious that the traditional agency structure is outdated for us achieve the work we pride ourselves on. Having founded Phantom from the studio floor, we understand and relate to every step and opportunity of a project. Phantom was built on the foundation that we would never lose sight of this and worked to create an agency focussed entirely from the perspective of the studio.


Why we need you

We work incredibly closely with our clients, to the point where it’s even a little weird calling them ‘clients’. We have a no-bullshit policy, meaning we have a completely transparent and honest relationship with them that fosters mutual feedback. We see you being in charge of day to day contact and delivery for our clients while being our studio team’s best friend while working on projects together.

Put simply, we want to do incredible work that we’re proud of and makes our clients love us. We live for it. Where there’s an innovative solution to be had or simple amends to complete, we should have tackled it even better than anyone could have imagined.

Our team of Producers are amazing and knowledgeable. With the number of incredible projects Phantom have on board, we could definitely do with a few extra hands. Our PMs are responsible for processes, resourcing and also have their own direct relationship with the client.

What we’ll need you to do

We’re not at all a traditional agency, but we see this role as a Digital Project Manager with a touch of Account Management (we believe this is natural in a good PM!).

Project Management

  • Work directly and communicate regularly with client partners and stakeholders

  • Deliver project within timeline and budget to the best possible result

  • Manage and organise studio workflow

  • Handle multiple projects and manage conflicting demands

  • Produce project plans, manage workload and keep production on-track

  • Create and collaborate on project documentation

  • Translate client briefings to full written briefs and project specifications

  • Actively lead and/or participate in team brainstorms on both internal and external briefs.

  • Upkeep familiarity with production tools and related processes.

  • Demonstrate excellent communication with clients, designers & developers.

  • Follow industry guidelines to produce work to best practice.

  • Provide clear rationale and supporting data to justify recommendations.

  • Think both small and big picture (sometimes both at the same time). This means understanding the client’s overall long-term challenges as well as the immediate ones.

  • When necessary, think operationally and do everything in your power to ensure we deliver.

  • Day to day management of the studio.

  • Guard Phantom’s processes both internally and client side. Adapt and improve these wherever necessary.

  • Be incredible at sharing results and successes with both the team and client.

  • Have a watchful eye over workflow, ensure it is both up to date and is utilising our resources in the best possible way.

Account Management

  • Make sure our clients stay in love with us. Maintain the open and colleague-like relationship we already have and find new ways for them to love us even more.

  • Have regular and frequent meetings with all client contacts..

  • Ensure all actions are followed up efficiently.

  • Invoice in a timely manner.

  • Keep a living record of finances.

  • Problem solve and manage any issues through to a positive outcome.

Team Leadership

  • Ensure the whole Phantom team loves and trusts you. Listen to their pain points and work internally and with the client to improve them.

  • Run frequent team meetings to capture any red flags or issues ahead of time.

  • Escalate any issues of concern in a timely manner.


How you’ll be right for this role

Your approach

  • Collaborative.

  • Transparent & honest.

  • Endless initiative.

  • Overly communicative.

  • Excited about our projects (and life in general).

  • Fun to be work with and be around.

  • Assertive where needed.

  • Motivated by achieving amazing results.

Your skills

  • Incredible project and people management skills.

  • Flawless written and spoken English.

  • Strong leadership skills.

  • Fantastic resource and workflow management.

  • Ability to translate client briefs into requirements for the team.

  • Knowledge of industry tools.

  • Excellent documentation.

  • Great communication with clients as well as technical and creative team members.

  • Ability to stay calm and prioritise in times of tight deadlines and conflicting demands.

Your credentials

  • A passion for digital.

  • Proven success working directly with creative and technical teams.

  • Examples of past successful work.

  • Experience across agency or in house marketing environments.

  • At least 3 years experience in a midweight PM or Producer role.

Bonus points

  • Basic knowledge of coding languages

  • Great eye for design

  • It never hurts to speak another language

  • Knowledge of Google Analytics and other Google tools

  • Experience working with Google

  • Interests outside of work that are fun to talk about

Please note: This role may include other duties and responsibilities from time to time and may be subject to review and amends to reflect any changing needs of the business.

How to Apply

We’d love to hear from you! Please email with your CV, cover letter, portfolio or anything else you think may be of interest!

Posted on March 9