Education Director

Salem Art Association

As the Salem Art Association (SAA) re-opens from an extended COVID-19 shutdown, there is a strong need to review and reinvent SAA’s educational programming, specifically the Artists-in-the-Schools Program (AIS) and the Arts & History Immersion Program (AHIP).

AIS places teaching artists in K-12 classrooms throughout Marion, Polk and Yamhill counties. AHIP combines a guided tour of the Bush House Museum (BHM) and Bush Barn Art Center galleries with a hands-on art activity. Students participating in AHIP are from Title 1 schools in local poverty hotspots or in rural areas. Both of these youth education programs have been significantly impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis.

SAA is creating a new position to reinvent these two programs in order to maximize student impact and streamline administrative oversight. Other educational programming may be developed as staff time and resources permit. SAA maintains a strong commitment to serving a diverse range of low-income and underserved youth.

The SAA Education Director will have a background in education, the arts, and childhood development to lead this planning effort with SAA staff, teaching artists, and others. As funding allows, this position may expand to a 1 FTE position in the future to develop and implement additional educational programming.

This is a part-time, permanent position reporting to the SAA Executive Director.


Specific responsibilities involve planning, communication, management, exhibitions, marketing and financial.


  • Lead SAA and BHM in a collaborative planning effort to reinvent the Artists-in-the-Schools Program and the Arts & History Immersion Program in line with local needs, state standards, and organizational resources. Other educational formats may include afterschool or weekend offerings, high school mentorship, onsite classes and workshops, summer experiences or other educational opportunities.

  • Review, reinvent and implement new procedures for attracting, training and placing new SAA teaching artists.

  • Collaborate with the SAA Curatorial Committee to schedule art exhibitions which support onsite youth programming.

  • Work with SAA and BHM staff to secure teaching artists for SAA’s summer camps.


  • Restart ongoing communication with SAA teaching artists, schools and educators who have been engaged in the AIS and AHIP programs in past years.

  • Increase the AIS teaching artist roster by locating and training new teaching artists.

  • Facilitate communication between the teaching artists, schools and educators to place artists. Follow-up with ongoing communication and periodic site visits.

  • Provide professional assistance to SAA and BHM staff who are developing educational programming.


  • Issue contracts for teaching artists and the schools they work in.

  • Assist SAA teaching artists on an ongoing basis, including the preparation of invoices and providing evaluations.

  • Maintain an inventory of basic art supplies for onsite educational use.


  • Work with schools to share the artwork of AIS student participants during Open Houses, periodic exhibitions, or online formats.

  • Collaborate with the SAA Curatorial Committee to develop periodic exhibitions of teaching artists artwork and student artwork.


  • Work with SAA marketing staff, and others, to promote all activities of AIS and AHIP, as well as other educational programs.

  • Provide information on AIS and AHIP for website, social media and other SAA media outlets.


  • Maintain the appropriate financial records for SAA educational programs.

  • Work with the SAA Executive Director and others to develop an annual operating budget for SAA educational programs.

  • Work with SAA and BHM staff to develop collaborative grant funded, sponsored and donor funded projects.

Specific work hours for this position are flexible but should tally 20 hours per week, with some nights and weekends as required for events.


The ideal candidate will have a passion for arts education, a strong track record, and a commitment to serving children who live in poverty, as well as being a solutions-oriented problem solver.

  • Bachelor’s degree

  • 5-7 years relevant work experience

How to Apply

Please send resume and cover letter via email.

Posted on September 7