Engagement and Experience Manager

Southern Vermont Arts Center

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Do you believe art museums should be places of quiet reflection and introspection, and that interpretation should promote the most advanced scholarship in the museum field? If so, please skip our ad. However, if you think that art could be fun, challenging, inspirational, and powerful if only art museums took a page out of the playbook of zoos, children’s museums, or amusement parks: you might be for us. If you find the challenge of making a traditional art center a place that’s alive, vibrant, and active through its exhibitions and programming: you might be for us. If you can work with contemporary artists, gallerists, and peer museums to find or create new and innovative exhibitions: you might be for us. If you can develop digital scavenger hunts, selfie stations, low-tech and high-tech games, and visitor-inspired content: you might be for us. If you can do all of these things and manage the associated budgets, contracts, negotiations, and volunteers/staff required to implement them: you might be for us. Southern Vermont Arts Center seeks an Engagement and Experience Manager who is bold, creative, adventurous and entrepreneurial to help us change the game. Show us what you’ve got!

Position description

SVAC seeks to further its mission of nurturing the arts by developing a holistic plan to make its exhibitions, content, and interpretation more engaging to its community and expanding the community it serves. To achieve this, SVAC will hire the Engagement and Experience Manager, as a three-year, full-time, funded position that will focus on 3 core areas:

Scope of position

  • Create an exhibition plan that brings compelling and innovative exhibitions into its Wilson Museum and Yester House galleries

  • Develop an interpretation plan that is infused into the content of all exhibitions and displays of art that is visitor-centered, approachable, and engaging (or interactive); and to work with both external experts/curators and internal staff to embrace and adhere to the interpretative plan

  • Devise activities, programs, games, and/or devices that make SVAC’s galleries lively and participatory

  • Responsible for the development, installation, and management of all exhibitions at SVAC in both the Wilson Museum and Yester House. Exhibitions will include: traveling exhibitions from other museums or institutions, guest-curated exhibitions of original content, staff-generated exhibitions, juried exhibitions, pop-up and experimental shows, and permanent collection focus exhibitions

  • Seek and develop new partnerships with artists, galleries, and cultural institutions beyond the region to create innovative exhibitions, displays, and programs

  • Manage the expenses and associated revenue for all exhibition and artist-related initiatives

  • Revitalize artist participation and reignite the exhibition program in Yester House, traditionally dedicated to artist members

  • Develop and evaluate interpretive goals and strategies for the museum’s collections and exhibitions to facilitate extraordinary experiences for all visitors

  • Advocate for the interests of the museum’s diverse audiences and the significant role of activity and engagement within all special exhibitions and permanent collection installations

  • Organize external advisory committee on interpretation that reflects visitor needs (includes family, school, teacher, adult, and artist representatives)

  • Prioritize strategies and platforms based on current knowledge of audience engagement, museum education, and technology (Platforms include, but are not limited to, text panels and object labels, brochures and other printed guides, signage, participatory spaces, web resources, and in-gallery technology applications)

  • Advocate, figuratively and literally, for the new SVAC and what it is trying to achieve


The candidate

The Engagement and Experience Manager has combined skills as both an exhibition project manager, educator, and writer, placing him/her at the center of SVAC’s interpretation of works of art—both on campus and virtually. The EEM possesses innovative ideas about museums, art, education, and has familiarity with trends in electronic media and technology. Most importantly, the EEM is a visionary who understands how his/her role will transform the institution.

Interpersonal Skills:

Must have proven ability to successfully build, enhance and maintain strategic relationships across an organization; with community partners; and with internal and external stakeholders. Strategic Leadership and Partnership: Collaborative work style and effective systems-builder, program developer, and team leader; strong sense of accountability and responsibility for results; understands motivating, directing, and enriching constituencies with different work styles and/or perspectives. Exceptional Communication: Must have excellent communication (written, verbal, presentation) skills, including the ability to influence and negotiate on behalf of and in favor of the organization.

Entrepreneurial Qualities: Understands and can create new programming within the scope of the organizational budget and can find creative resources for funding and new revenue streams to support initiatives.


The Experience and Engagement Manager is a full-time, three-year funded position. SVAC encourages applications from candidates with museum and/or gallery experience, or experience in the creative sector. The ideal candidate has 5-7 years experience in project development in the creative sector, hospitality or entertainment industry, or the arts; familiarity with finances and budgets, contract negotiation, and trends in entertainment and technology; and passion for the arts and expanding its audience.

How to Apply

To apply, please send a letter of interest, resume, salary requirements, and relevant project samples to:

Anne Corso, Executive Director

Southern Vermont Arts Center, P.O. Box 617, Manchester, VT 05254


About SVAC

The Southern Vermont Arts Center (SVAC) is a multidisciplinary arts organization in Manchester, VT with a mission to promote and nurture the arts. SVAC strives to provide opportunities for local and regional artists, to introduce the wider community to artwork and performances of national relevance, and to engage diverse audiences. To do this, SVAC creates a community space for the arts through concerts and performances in the Louise Arkell Pavilion as well as classes, workshops, and camps for adults and youth in the Hay Madeira Education Studios; trails throughout its 100-acre campus and the Stroup Family Sculpture Park; and through exhibitions and events at Yester House and the Elizabeth de C. Wilson Museum.

Posted on December 31