Researcher, Art History (remote work position)

Fineart Recruiter

For an American based Antiques or Fine Art Appraisal group , we are looking for remote independent consultants, offering flexible hours.

This is an independent job position.

We will call on you each time we need research to be performed in Madrid

. Each assignment is paid by the hour or a flat fee, by mutual agreement.


Who we are

We are a leading authority in the field of fine art attribution, authentication and appraisal. We work with auction houses, galleries and museums around the world and also make our services available directly to private collectors and owners.

We specialize in difficult cases of attribution and review of works that have previously been rejected. Our top priorities are producing unbiased results and ensuring your satisfaction.

  • Those people should have a Masters or PhD in Art History

  • Be fluent in English.

  • Actually live within the city limits of Madrid, not the far suburbs.

  • Preferably, he\she has some experience doing research.

  • They should already have the relevant art museum or municipal library cards.

The researcher must be physically familiar with the main art libraries in the city ( Madrid)

  • Must be absolutely fluent in local language and preferably be native speakers

  • Preferably, retired person.

How to Apply

Please send your CV with an application letter

Posted on July 22