Senior Editor

Triple Canopy

Start date: January 8, 2024

Four days per week

Compensation: $50,000, plus health benefits

Triple Canopy, a nonprofit arts magazine based in Manhattan, seeks a Senior Editor to commission and develop multimedia projects, as well as public programs. We encourage you to apply even if you do not primarily identify as an editor; while a sophisticated editorial perspective and sharp writing skills are crucial, we are looking for someone with experience and expertise in formats that extend beyond text, given the range of our work. We are excited to collaborate with candidates on tailoring the role to their interests and strengths.

Triple Canopy works with artists and writers to address the critical issues that define contemporary life, emphasizing the role of technology and material conditions in culture. The magazine collaborates with contributors on artworks, essays, fictions, conversations, performances, and books (among other media) from conception to realization, navigating the digital and physical realms where ideas and audiences take shape.

We’re looking for someone who finds pleasure and sustenance in art and literature, possesses formidable enthusiasms and diverse interests, and considers cultural production to be essential to political transformation. The ideal candidate also views public events as important venues for formulating and testing ideas with others. We hope to find someone with significant experience and strong opinions about the work that Triple Canopy is and should be producing. The magazine strives to bring together disparate voices, styles, and experiences, with an emphasis on those that have too often been marginalized, and we hope that the senior editor will be excited to join us in this work.

We’re looking for someone meticulous, communicative, highly organized, collaborative, and adept at shaping working relationships with empathy and care. The ideal candidate is committed to cultural work that, in purview, language, and audience, extends beyond niches defined by profession or ideology. The senior editor will play a critical role in defining the overall work of the magazine by contributing to conversations about the development of issues and initiatives, and by collaborating with other staff on aspects of production, design, communication, and budgeting.

This position is based at Triple Canopy’s office in Manhattan.


The senior editor’s exact responsibilities will be shaped in collaboration with candidates, tailoring the purview of the role to their interests and strengths, but will include the following:

  • Commission approximately 5–7 works to be published per year, which may include artist projects, essays, and audio and/or video work; collaborate with other editors on the development and presentation of those works, considering the concept, form, and audience.

  • At the request of other editors, review and comment on additional projects, including essays, artworks, and events.

  • Participate in the conception and lead the development and execution of a minimum of 5 events per year, including portions of the Triple Canopy symposium (a weekend of public programming each fall); represent the magazine at a substantial number of those events.

  • With the Editor and Deputy Editor, participate in the process of conceiving and developing one issue per year, annual event series, and special projects, such as print books, video series, and/or podcasts.

  • Participate in conversations related to the mission, evolution, and concerns of the magazine, ranging from the approach to editorial work to audience engagement to the role of technology and design.

  • Contribute to the development of holistic communications strategies, including the approach to broadcasting, recording, and editing event documentation.

  • Work with the director and deputy director to develop programming as part of fundraising efforts, including the magazine’s annual benefit.

  • Assist the deputy editor in developing and maintaining the magazine’s production budget.

  • Occasionally represent Triple Canopy at events hosted by other organizations.

  • Minimum of three years of work as an editor, or comparable experience working with text, such as producing or writing for a scripted radio program, podcast, or video series; reviewing manuscripts for a publisher; or drafting copy for editorial and marketing purposes

  • Experience with and enthusiasm for leading the development of work in various media in a collaborative environment

  • Facility with the conception and production of work in non-textual media, e.g., audio, video, radio, performance, or public conversations

  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail

  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills

How to Apply

Interested candidates should write to and include a cover letter, resumé, and one example of a published work in any media that you’ve edited; if the work is not text-based, please also include a short writing sample. If you have experience in organizing public programs, performances, exhibitions, etc., please provide at least one relevant example. If you have published work as a writer, please submit one sample.

Triple Canopy is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants receive consideration without regard to race, age, ethnicity, religion, gender, national origin, disability, or any other basis prohibited by law. For more information on the mission and staff of Triple Canopy, visit: No calls, please. 

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Posted on November 2