Technician (Experienced Art Handler)

High Art

High Art is a delivery and installation service built for galleries and collectors. Our mission is to establish a new standard for art handling, and the company has grown rapidly since our 2014 launch. We were the first to deploy cloud-based shipping documents and continue to introduce new practices online and on the job. We have two new technician positions open to people with professional art handling experience.

As a technician, your primary responsibility is to deliver and install artwork in partnership with an assistant technician. You are in a leadership position on the crew, overseeing projects and managing client relationships while supervising and training your assistant. In the course of packing, delivering, and installing art, technicians call on diverse skills, like carpentry, chemistry, physics, painting, A/V, framing, and conservation. Most importantly, a comprehensive knowledge of art materials and art history empowers us to safely handle any piece we encounter.

To thrive in this role, a person needs to be consistently safe on the job, keeping a genuine respect for the artwork always. Risk avoidance is woven throughout every activity in our day. The job requires lifting heavy loads, using power tools, working on ladders, and driving for extended periods. A current driver’s license and clean driving record are needed, but our vehicles do not require a CDL. The bulk of the driving is done by assistant technicians, though you will need to drive periodically.

We value diversity in our company and offer this employment opportunity to all qualified candidates equally. All new employees complete paid training in the classroom and in the field. You’ll work a regular schedule of four 10-hour days. Saturday and Sunday shifts are available.

At High Art, we are glad to work with our hands and enjoy getting outside, touring the whole New York region, encountering new people constantly. We are thrilled to look behind the scenes of the art world; catch sight of world-class private collections or meet our artist heroes and visit their studios, seeing their newest work before it’s even exhibited to the public. We consider our role to be one of great responsibility and are committed to preserving the condition of each piece entrusted to us. We are proud to be among the few to touch art. Join us!

$25.00 - $29.50 / hour


As a technician you will:

  • Pack, transport, and install art, following company standards and exercising your judgement when needed

  • Supervise junior technicians, taking responsibility for their professional development

  • Liaise with clients to foster long-term business relationships

  • Drive a truck in New York City and represent the company well while on the road


To be considered for this position, you must have:

  • 2+ years experience at an art shipping company, art handling company, or art trucking company

  • Degree in Art History, Fine Art, or Arts Management

  • Driver’s license

  • Cover letter

How to Apply

If this sounds like a job you would find enriching, in which your expertise will be put to good use, tell us about the education, experience, and skills that make you a strong candidate. Send a cover letter and résumé to apply. Why do you want to work for High Art?

Posted on December 20