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The Bristol Legacy Foundation (BLF) has been provided funding by Bristol City Council to provide advice and strategic direction to Bristol City Council and other stakeholders in Bristol concerning the legacy of the Transatlantic Trafficking of Enslaved Africans (TTEA) and to deliver all association projects and programmes.

The first of these projects will be an open call to provide Afrikan Heritage

Communities (AHC) with the opportunity to create a permanent and unchanging site(s) of commemoration that is:

● Of scale

● Immersive

● Of high artistic quality (commissioned by a panel from open and solicited submissions)

● Representative of the brilliance and resilience of the people we are

remembering, rather than the violence that was done to them.

The BLF is seeking a qualified and experienced Public Arts Commissioning Consultant with a strong connection to Afrikan Heritage Communities to assist in the development of a comprehensive artist brief, conduct curatorial research to identify potential artists, and recommend suitable members for a curatorial panel as judges.

The Bristol Legacy Foundation consists of a Legacy Group made of community leaders from Afrikan Heritage Communities and the Partnership Group, which consists of partner organisations and individuals, namely:

● Bristol City Council Culture and Creative Industries Department

● The Mayor’s Office

● ‘We are Bristol’ History Commission

● Society of Merchant Venturers

● Bristol Cathedral, Church of England

● University of Bristol

● Arnolfini

● Tom Morris, Independent Consultant

While the Legacy Group leads the implementation of these projects, the Partnership Group is an opportunity for key stakeholders and cultural institutions to update. The Legacy Group on their activities related to the TTEA and contribute to The Legacy Group’s overall aims and objectives.


The Public Arts Commissioning Consultant will:

● Work closely with the BLF Chair, Memorialisation Task Group Co-Chairs and Project Coordinator to define the scope, objectives and themes of the open call.

● Have a nuanced understanding of Bristol’s history with the TTEA and how this has proliferated today in terms of the socioeconomic wellbeing of Afrikan Heritage Communities within the city.

● Research and prepare a detailed artist brief that outlines the project’s vision, goals and requirements.

● Conduct in-depth research to identify potential artists, both local and national, whose work aligns with the open call’s vision and objectives.

● Provide a list of recommended artists of Afrikan Heritage to invite to enter the open call, along with their portfolios, biographies and contact information.

● Propose a list of potential curatorial panel members who can serve as judges for the artist selection process.

● In collaboration with the memorialisation task group, support the writing of a paper outlining the long-term vision of memorialisation in Bristol within which this first artistic intervention will sit.

The consultant will also work with the BLF Project Coordinator and Memorialisation Task Group to project manage the open call from releasing the artist brief, shortlisting artists and the fabrication and installation of the artwork.

The artist’s brief and curatorial research must be completed before the final Legacy Group meeting of 2023 on the 11th of December, while the project management will be in the form of ongoing support until the winning art piece is unveiled at the end of July 2024:

● 12th December 2023 - Artist brief is released

● 30th January 2023 - Submissions closed

● 15th February 2024 - Concept design shortlist announced

● W/C 18th February 2024 - Interviewing artists

● 3rd March 2024 - Detailed design shortlist announced

● 18th March 2024 - Winner announced

● 18th March - 10th July 2024 - Fabrication and installation

● 30th July - Winning art piece is unveiled


Output and Deliverables

Artist Brief Development

  1. Collaborate with BLF to define the scope, objectives, and themes of the public art project.

  2. Research and prepare a detailed artist brief that outlines the project’s vision, goals, and requirements.

  3. Ensure that the artist brief aligns with the values and identity of BLF.

Curatorial Research

  1. Conduct in-depth research to identify potential artists, both local and national, whose work aligns with the project’s vision and objectives.

  2. Provide a list of recommended artists, along with their portfolios, biographies, and contact information.

  3. Assess the artists’ suitability for the project in terms of their artistic style, experience, and ability to engage with the community.

Curatorial Panel Recommendations

  1. Propose a list of potential curatorial panel members who can serve as judges for the artist selection process.

  2. Ensure that the panel members have expertise in the field of public art,

contemporary art, or relevant artistic disciplines.

  1. Provide brief biographies and qualifications of the recommended panel


  1. Assist the Project Co-ordinator in contacting potential curatorial panel members.

Project Management

  1. Work closely with the Project Co-ordinator to seek the following permissions from the Council:

a. Approval from the environment agency (due to the locations over the

river Frome)

b. Planning permission

c. Structural surveys

  1. Liaise with the chosen artist throughout the Fabrication and Installation stage.

  2. The above will need to be considered during the process that each step will be subject to approvals.


  1. Draft press releases about the commission.

  2. Liaise with Bristol Legacy Foundation partner organisations to proliferate the brief.

How to Apply

Interested consultants should submit a comprehensive proposal that includes the following information:

● Consultant Qualifications: Highlight your qualifications and expertise in the fields of public art, curatorial research, and artist selection in a CV.

● Previous Projects: Include examples of past projects that demonstrate your ability to develop artist briefs, conduct curatorial research, and facilitate public art initiatives.

● Approach: Detail your approach to developing the artist brief, conducting curatorial research, and selecting curatorial panel members.

● Timeline: Provide a proposed timeline for the completion of each phase of the project.

● Cost Proposal: Specify your fee structure and any additional costs associated with the project.

Procurement Process

The selection of the Public Arts Commissioning Consultant will be based on a competitive evaluation process that considers qualifications, experience, approach, and cost. BLF reserves the right to request interviews or additional information from shortlisted candidates.

24th October 2023 Commission advertised

10th November 2023 Proposal return deadline

W/c 13th November 2023 Interview Date

W/c 20th November 2023 BLF to notify bidders of our

procurement decision.

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