Schedule Coordinator

Atthowe Fine Art Services

Atthowe Fine Art Services is searching for an experienced arts professional to join our company. Do you love the arts and the arts community, but secretly always wanted to be an air-traffic controller? A successful Schedule Coordinator (sometimes known as dispatcher) will feel comfortable playing 3-D chess on a roller coaster. The position is highly collaborative, critical to day-to-day operations, and at times challenging. If you possess strong organizational skills and can see yourself being a central, vital part of an exciting workplace, we want to talk to you. Atthowe is a nationally and internationally recognized Fine Art storage, transportation, and installation, worker-owned, company based in Oakland, CA.

  • Knowledge of museum standards and materials for art handling, installation, and packing

  • Understand typical parties and agreements involved in the transportation, handling, and installation of artworks and museum objects

  • Create and oversee day-to-day crew schedule and truck dispatch

  • Work with Project Coordinators and other staff to monitor job labor and equipment requirements

  • Understand and prepare various paperwork needed by crews

  • Minimum 2 years experience in a gallery, museum, or art transportation company

  • Excellent written and verbal communication

  • Able to work as a part of a team and contribute to cooperative problem solving; able to lead and be led

  • Sound judgment, grace under pressure – with clients and colleagues

  • Strong organizational skills

How to Apply

To apply please upload your resume and cover letter.

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Posted on August 26