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Artist studio looking for a permanent embroiderer and seamstress to join our staff and work at the studio 30-40 hours per week.


Below are some descriptions of the type of work we have done recently:

Embroidery: embroidering on felt, linen, and canvas, very wide variety of stitches (30+), very very ornate and precise recreations of artist’s drawings in dozens of colors

Lined tote bag: outer and inner made of thick canvas and linen used for paintings, large front pocket, webbing handles, similar to LL Bean tote

Custom sweatshirt: custom pattern made based on the Artist’s specifications, bolts of different jersey blends of different thicknesses

Wrist pouch: small sleeve with multiple pockets, zippers, with intention to hold phone or personal items during sport/leisure

Curtains: large curtains made of silk and linen, hems and curtain loops

Pillows: standard and irregular shaped pillows made of thin and thick linen, zipper for pillow form

Dying: custom dye jobs featuring very large (12ft x 12ft) pieces of linen, canvas, silk, as well as smaller pieces


Candidate must have strong hand and machine sewing skills with knowledge of various stitching, embroidery, alterations, and measurements.

How to Apply

Please email, cover letter, resume, and any relevant work examples.

Posted on January 10