Collections Management Generalist Technician II - Nor Cal

Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

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The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art seeks a Collections Management Technician, Generalist Level II to support the preservation, organization, accessibility, and safety of the Lucas Museums collection in storage. This role will focus on housing, inventorying, and coordinating access to the collection for research and exhibition planning needs. Additional responsibilities include the processing and management of collections and storage spaces, managing the procurement processes around materials in need of rehousing, and managing requests for access from non-departmental staff. The position holder will work collaboratively across departments and contribute to the development and implementation of Collections Management policies, procedures, and workflows related to the museums storage program.

  • Collaborates closely with the Head of Collections Management and Associate Collections Manager to maintain departmental goals and objectives

  • Assists with the management of department schedules to meet milestones and goals in collaboration with CM technicians and other departments

  • Supports the development of department processes and protocols including storage protocols, access processes, and work order processes

  • Coordinates day-to-day logistics of collection processes, materials, and spaces throughout the storage facilities

  • Evaluates and creates housing for Lucasfilm Archive collection and other collections materials using appropriate supplies suitable for travel and long-term storage

  • Manages procurement processes, including requesting estimates for new equipment and supplies; assists Associate Collection Manager in maintaining departmental information

  • Participates in ongoing storage maintenance including environmental monitoring, pest management, and emergency response preparations

  • Responsible for proper object handling and for instructing/training approved staff members and overseeing contractors during collections care processes

  • Assist with receiving and releasing art shipments, experience loading, and off-loading trucks

  • Assists in preparations and packing processes needed for all transportation of collections

  • Accurately record and track object information in the museums collection database, The Museum System (TMS)

  • Assists in the management of researchers and other visitors to storage space by coordinating schedules, work orders, and resources needed to manage requests

  • Collaborate with other Collections Management staff and LMNA departments to accomplish multiple simultaneous goals and projects to museum standards and in alignment with best practices.

  • Bachelor Degree or equivalent relevant experience is required

  • 3 years or more experience in art handling, collections care, and museum best practices

  • Strong proven experience in collaborative team environments


  • Attention to detail and organization

  • Open, collaborative, and proactive communication skills are essential

  • Creative and flexible problem-solving skills

  • Aptitude for system and process creation

  • Mounting and unmounting works on paper


  • Experience handling and packing a variety of collection materials including paintings, objects, textiles, and works on paper for long term storage and transport

  • Extensive knowledge of art packing, handling, and storage techniques

  • Experience with a variety of mediums and materials including works on paper and paintings

  • A mastery of museum collection’s best practices and procedures

  • An understanding of basic conservation protocols and parameters

  • Experience with transport and moving processes


  • Proven flexibility and adaptability with shifting priorities

  • Strong collaborative spirit for working within a team

  • Well-organized and detail-oriented

  • Proven record of ability to meet deadlines, preferably exhibition and project-based work

  • Self-motivated and independent

  • Able to integrate into existing projects and timelines that are underway

  • Enjoys detailed and focused work

  • Able to take ownership of a role and lead problem-solving processes with confidence

  • Ability to manage multiple simultaneous projects and goals while considering finite resources

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Posted on August 24